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Misconceptions In Our Music Industry (Episode 1)

There’s a show I loved watching called ‘Myth Busters’ on Discovery Channel. For those of you who haven’t watched the show it’s a reality about a team of scientists and people like that who take random things believed to be true, urban legends, etc. and perform experiments to find out whether they are indeed factually true or not. Think of it like the white version of Matiang’i (a few of them). Kenya has thousands of A’s but some people [...]


Band Central: The Nyumba Yetu Band

Theres a saying that the beautiful ones are not yet born. This couldn’t have been better put by Roger Brown and the Nyumba Yetu Band who performed their original “The Beautiful Ones” in Shames Family Scoring Stage at Berklee College of Music. The title of the song is inspired by and taken from the 1968 novel by author Ayi Kweh Armah of Ghana. The recitation of family history under a mugumo tree is based on the writer’s experience in [...]