The Classic Series features two distinctive types of models: the traditional Spanish-style nylon-string AC models and hybrid nylon-string CEC models that borrow from steel-string cutaway acoustic-electrics with cutaways, narrower nut width, and Fishman electronics. The traditional style AC models have been re-engineered to improve resonance for an authentic classical guitar sound while the CEC models feature slim body with cutaway, 45mm nut width and electronics for steel-string players who love the nylon-string sound.

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Compared to spruce, cedar is a bit mellower and warmer. The midrange is slightly accentuated with a sweeter top-end, making cedar ideal for players who fingerpick a lot and prefer a slightly rounder and fuller sound.
Rich and deep, warm yet punchy with an ideal sprinkling of sweet presence, rosewood imparts a big low-end with plenty of power and volume for use in any musical style.
A slightly narrower nut width that is good for both classical and traditional steel-string acoustic players.
Slightly shorter than the traditional classical guitar scale length, this results in less string tension for ease of fingering for not only soloing in the high register but for playing chord arpeggios in the low register as well.
Traditional classical guitar fan bracing is used internally to maximize the vibrational characteristics of nylon strings
3-Band EQ, LED Tuner, and Phase control offers sonic flexibility as well as convenience for a variety of playing situations where amplification is needed.
The coated classical nylon strings resist discoloration and corrosion better than standard strings while retaining liveliness and power. Even after the guitar hasn’t been played for weeks or months at a time sitting on a stand or stowed away in its case, the strings still look, sound and feel fresh.
A modern concept developed for players seeking comfort and easier playability, the body depth is 83*83mm.
The high-tech finish is strong and resistant to scratches while being lightweight to improve the natural acoustic resonance of the body for a full-bodied and rich tone.

Additional information


Dovetail Neck Joint


Venetian Cutaway


SFX Body

Nut Width

45mm (1 3/4")


Solid Red Cedar Top

Back & Sides

Rosewood Back & Sides




Multi binding


Rosewood or Ovangkol




Rosewood or Ovangkol


Sonicore Pickup


Fishman Presys Preamp


D'Addario EXP46N Strings


Advanced Fan Bracing


Slim Body Depth (83x83mm), Sonically Enhanced UV Finish


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